Zulal Wellness Resort welcomes Phil Davies and Rajeshwari Amol Nerukar

  • Through Zulal’s Guest Practitioner Program, the wellness resort aims to tap into the expertise of world-renowned health practitioners to enhance its wellness offering for in-house guests.

Doha, Qatar: Zulal Wellness Resort by Chiva-Som, the largest wellness resort in the region and the first in the world to offer Traditional Arabic and Islamic Medicine (TAIM) and holistic wellness, welcomes two holistic practitioners visiting internationals for the month of May as part of its exclusive Practitioner-in-Residence program for 2022.

This unique program offers clients the opportunity to benefit from the skills and knowledge of some of the most renowned healthcare experts from around the world. Visiting practitioners also bring a fresh perspective and new abilities to guide and inspire resident practitioners. This month, Zulal welcomes two renowned names in the world of holistic healing arts; Phil Davies and Rajeshwari Amol Nerukar.

Phil Davies has helped people on their healing and spiritual journeys for the past 22 years, a role that has taken him on a journey around the world. His travels helped expand his skills and introduced him to some of the most dedicated healers and visionaries. Phil specializes in Vibrational Harmonization Therapy, a non-intrusive, non-invasive energy therapy that facilitates change, while dramatically accelerating the healing process. Each session increases vibrational frequency and light quotient, helping people create a stronger connection with their inner selves.

Phil also specializes in Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), a needle-free emotional version of acupuncture based on new discoveries regarding the connection between the subtle energies in people’s bodies, their emotions, and their health. EFT has been successful in a range of emotional, health and performance issues, such as chronic pain, anger, depression, chronic fatigue, traumatic experiences, weight loss, mental disorders diet, relationship problems, fear, anxiety, insomnia, panic attacks, migraines. , headaches and allergies. EFT works by unblocking the energy meridians of the human body and balancing those that are disturbed by gently tapping on key meridian points on the head, chest and hands, without the need for traditional acupuncture needles.

Zulal Wellness Resort will also host Rajeshwari Amol Nerukar, a physiotherapy practitioner since 2004 and an energy healer since 2009. Nerukar’s interest in various healing energy works led her to become a Reiki Master and advanced healing practitioner.

Rajeshwari is an expert in Chakra Healing, which frees the body’s energy centers to stimulate healing and combat negative energy and stress. She is also proficient in a range of healing therapies, such as Prana, an ancient healing system for healing mood, body and mind; Abhyanga, a traditional Indian massage using a combination of long, soothing, symmetrical strokes to regulate the circulatory and nervous system; and Asian Sound Healing, which uses Tibetan singing bowls to harmonize and allow deep relaxation on both sides of the brain.

Rajeshwari also has extensive skill and knowledge of Sound Bath Meditation, which allows the layered vibrations of Tibetan Singing Bowls to soothe the senses, as well as Asian Bodywork Massage Therapy, a massage technique primarily used to treat musculoskeletal issues. -skeletal, such as strains. and sports injuries. She is also proficient in Kati Vasti, an ancient treatment technique that focuses particularly on treating back-related discomforts, such as chronic strain, disc prolapse or sciatica. The treatment is also beneficial for hypertension, heart conditions and fertility.

Sandie Johannessen, Director of Health and Wellness at Zulal, said, “We are honored to welcome Phil and Rajeshwari to Zulal Wellness Resort. We believe that their wealth of knowledge and wide range of healing techniques will greatly enhance our clients’ wellness journey and make their experience at Zulal even more exclusive. We look forward to continuing to collaborate with top wellness practitioners around the world to expand our range of treatments as part of our commitment to becoming the leading holistic health and wellness resort in Qatar and the Middle East. .

Sessions are available throughout this month for guests booking their stay at Zulal Wellness Resort, including overnight stays. To learn more about future practitioners and their inspiring biographies, visit https://www.zulal.com/visiting-health-practitioners/.

Zulal Wellness Resort is managed by Chiva-Som, a world-renowned pioneer in wellness and lifestyle transformation with 26 years of experience gained at its flagship resort in Hua Hin, Thailand.

To book and find out more, visit our website at www.zulal.com. You can also contact us at [email protected]



Zulal Wellness Resort is a unique wellness haven, created by Qatar’s leading master developers, Msheireb Properties. The Middle East’s premier wellness resort offers guests unique services and treatments based on Arabian and Islamic wellness principles and using ingredients indigenous to the region. Located in Khasooma, a private coastal location in northern Qatar, Zulal Wellness Resort offers visitors a luxurious experience, offering the highest international standards that include local family values.

Zulal, which means “pure natural water” in Arabic, offers two exclusive areas for health and well-being. Adults can access a wide range of therapeutic and lifestyle enhancement treatments at Zulal Serenity. The family resort, Zulal Discovery, allows families to enjoy positive well-being

experiences together, inspiring young children and their parents with fun and interactive activities that help them learn more about adopting a healthy lifestyle.


For more than 26 years, the award-winning Chiva-Som has pioneered transformative wellness practices recognized around the world. Its commitment to an innovative and holistic approach that skillfully balances mind, body, and spirit continues to this day with its flagship resort in Hua Hin, Thailand.

Optimal and tailor-made well-being is at the heart of each Chiva-Som experience. Through its unique synergy of indigenous traditions and evidence-based wellness, Chiva-Som partners with clients on highly personalized wellness journeys focused on complete lifestyle transformation. At the new Zulal Wellness Resort, these extend to the whole family.

Guests are motivated throughout their journey by knowledgeable and caring staff, who approach their goals with the unique heart of Chiva-Som hospitality.

Chiva-Som’s approach to wellness extends to the wider community, with educational opportunities and sustainability initiatives at the heart of everything we do.


A national property development company and a subsidiary of the Qatar Foundation, Msheireb Properties was established as a commercial enterprise to support the Qatar National Vision 2030. The company aims to enrich people’s lives through better quality of life and work, and to modern, innovative solutions and authentic developments.

Msheireb Properties partners with industry leaders and experts to align the architectural lessons of the past with the latest eco-friendly technologies to employ a new approach to town planning, combining traditional methods and the modern innovation to preserve the environment as Qatar’s cultural identity.

Msheireb Properties has received ISO certification from the British Standards Institution for quality (ISO 9001:2015), environmental performance (ISO 14001:2015), occupational health and safety (BS OHSAS 18001:2007) and waste management. risks (ISO 31000:2009) .

Media Contact: For more information, please contact: Danica Dsouza, Marketing and Communications Manager, Zulal Wellness resort at [email protected]

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