Why This Los Cabos Resort Is The Perfect Blend Of Romance And Serenity

I have visited many beautiful places in my life, and I know there are countless other beautiful places that I have yet to see. But after staying at the ultra-luxurious Zadún, a Ritz-Carlton reserve on Mexico’s San José del Cabo coast, I’m pretty confident that nothing (at least for me) will ever surpass the beauty of this hotel from Los Cabos. There was a level of serenity and romance that I had never experienced before, and honestly, I find it hard to imagine any place I visit could top it.

Bold statements, I know, but hear me out. I was lucky enough to stay on the sprawling property last spring, an opportunity that initially made me nervous. That was partly because Zadún is part of the Ritz-Carlton Reserve portfolio, which is an ultra-luxury collection of resorts around the world that take their hospitality seriously. (When I recently checked prices for Zadún in mid-September, they started at around $1,000 a night.) I’ve never had the chance to experience a stay of this caliber before, and honestly, I didn’t know if I would feel welcome. At the same time, I was going on my own, which meant I also had to maneuver my very first solo vacation.

My fears, however, were unfounded. After landing at the airport I was driven straight to the hotel where I was immediately greeted with more warmth and peace than I have ever experienced. Upon arriving at the entrance, I was greeted by several people who asked me about my trip and took away my luggage. Then I was taken to meet my Tosoani (a private attendant who helps take care of every guest) and introduced to the resort.

As I was trying to get over the fact that there was someone I could just text for all my desires, that’s when I was struck by the overwhelming sight of Zadún. What makes the resort so incomparable, in my opinion, is the fact that you can still see the sea – and that was true from the second I arrived. Whether you are relaxing in your room, taking a dip in the pool or having a drink at the bar, it is front and center at all times, creating an overall sense of peace wherever you are.

Of course, it was no coincidence. “Zadún is located behind two majestic dunes divided by a central ravine, creating a spectacular window on the ocean,” Pablo Blasco, project director and head of architecture at ABAX (the architect of Zadún), told TZR in an email. “We thought that the sea should be the key element attracting all the views. As striking as it is, the vastness of the ocean produces a feeling of deep tranquility, which was a crucial goal of our design concept.

This certainly showed up as I got to know the resort. Shortly after arriving that first day, I sat down to a solo lunch of ceviche, guacamole, and cocktails at the ocean restaurant at the Equis table. And although this may have been my early wake-up time, I was immediately moved to tears. This area is located right next to the sand, with one of the purest views of the water at the hotel. The endless blue seared my eyes as I inhaled mounds of fresh fish, and I felt a surge of emotion as I texted photos to everyone I knew. “Can you believe this is real?” I’ve asked my friends (and myself) over and over again.

That feeling of “deep tranquility” described by Blasco would only increase from there. Once my room was ready, I was picked up in a golf cart from the restaurant (a fun perk guests can request for resort transportation) and taken to my suite for check-in. Even on the ride, I was struck by the design of the station and how thoughtful it was. Not only could I, of course, see the ocean at every point, but I was also surrounded by vegetation and hills into which each building carefully blended.

This too was very intentional. “Zadún’s buildings are spread throughout the site, creating beautiful walkways and distance between suites,” Erica Krayer of interior design firm Uribekrayer told TZR. “It allows for a leisurely journey through the plants and gardens of the desert.” (Although it also makes for a confusing trip at times – I’ve gotten lost more than once on these winding paths – walking through the property has become one of my favorite parts of the trip.)

While the tranquility of the surroundings certainly contributed to the overall feeling of serenity at Zadún, it was also the quietness and seclusion of its rooms that made my experience so tranquil. “While there are amazing public spaces, you also have the utmost privacy in your suite, if you want it,” Krayer continues. “Each suite has its own private plunge pool, large terrace with outdoor seating and dining area, spacious bathrooms with tubs and private outdoor showers. You can stay in the suite, command and feel extremely pampered and comfortable.” These features are also part of what makes the hotel so incredibly romantic. In fact, I couldn’t help but think that Zadún was for honeymooners and couples looking for a secluded getaway.it was almost too quiet (at least for me) to fully enjoy the experience alone.

Almost, but not quite. While it was odd to have almost complete privacy for three days, there were other parts of my suite that I thoroughly enjoyed. Upon entering my room, I noticed that it was not only spacious and comfortable; it also had a soothing feel that was enhanced by the beauty and careful conservation of its detail. “The interior design concept was based on creating contemporary Mexican design, integrating architecture and landscape with a casual yet very sophisticated look and feel,” Krayer shares. “The team designed and selected natural materials, bespoke furniture, and objects by Mexican designers and artisans, which together reflect a clean and simple design.”

Courtesy of Zadún, a reserve of the Ritz-Carlton

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, my admiration and experience of Zadún’s absolute peace and beauty continued at every turn. Over the next few days I sampled much of what the resort had to offer. The property has several restaurants and bars, and I visited almost all of them, sampling ceviche at peaceful Equis (my favorite), indulging in authentic Mexican cuisine at lively El Barrio, and taking in the views. over the ocean, fireworks and grilled food at Humo. I sat by a luxurious pool, ate avocado toast while working out on my terrace, worked out in the modern gym and soaked up the sun on the beach completely empty. I even had the chance to learn about the culture and flavors of the country, with experiences like tasting Mexican spirits at Candil, the agave bar.

And, of course, I would be remiss if I did not mention one of my favorite activities, the most serene of all: my day at Spa Alkemia. Before leaving, it was hard to imagine that my experience at the resort could be any smoother, but this place proved me wrong. I headed out at the scheduled time for a 60 minute Zadún massage, which was one of the most gentle and soothing I’ve had. Afterwards, I attended the Savasana sound healing experience, which was ultra-relaxing, although something I probably wouldn’t personally book anymore (the constant sound of ocean waves felt healing enough ). One of the best parts, however, was access to the spa pool. After my appointments, I was able to lounge in the large outdoor area for as long as I wanted. During this time I was kind of, again, entirely on my own – except for the very kind staff, who occasionally approached me to check on me with fresh juice in hand.

Photo by Anna Buckman

From the first to the last day, I felt the same feeling of total happiness in every moment, meal and interaction at Zadún. As Krayer explains, “Zadún’s architectural and interior design goal was to respect the majesty of the ocean, the natural serenity, and the stunning light of the desert.” This was certainly achieved, and the effect of this concentration imbued my experience with a tranquility that I have never found elsewhere. That said, I’m not sure this is a resort I would visit alone again. Zadún’s beauty is meant to be shared; a place that is so breathtaking that it is better to enjoy it with someone, so that you can feel your admiration together. I will definitely come back one day, but next time I make sure to bring my husband to this romantic and peaceful getaway. I feel like the view of the sunset over Zadún will be even better with someone I love by my side.

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