Upscale boutique hotel plan for popular Anglesey resort

Plans for an upscale boutique hotel have been unveiled in one of Anglesey’s most popular resort villages.

Council planners have received a request to demolish two residential apartments to make way for the proposed 10-bedroom hotel on Rhosneigr’s main street.

Located next to the existing village hall, the promoters promise a high-end facility including a sauna and steam room.

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“The proposal would provide new, high-quality serviced housing that would add to the choice of tourist accommodation and bring local employment opportunities and economic benefits to the region,” the supporting documents note.

In addition to the 10 rooms of varying sizes and two other open market residential apartments, the proposals also include a restaurant and kitchen, water sports facilities for guests, including wetsuit storage, a changing room and bathrobes. showers with hammam and sauna.

Current (above) and planned (below) images of the planned boutique hotel on Rhosneigr High Street.

Planning to provide a total of 14 rear parking spaces, the applicants say this would “make a significant economic and community contribution to the locality.”

According to the designers, the brief was to create “a tailor-made space for this seaside resort, where people can retreat after a day of outdoor or water activities in and around the village”.

The supporting documents then indicated: “The proposal aims to rejuvenate a site whose building is deteriorating and this can only be considered as a positive contribution towards the village.

“The proposal will establish an attractive new active facade on the High Street, while maintaining the theme of a glass facade along the ground floor of street level.

“We believe the project will improve the area, the streetscape and have a positive impact on Rhosneigr.”

The Anglesey Council Planning Department is expected to consider the request pending consultation with statutory bodies, including the Community Council, with a decision expected in the coming months.

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