Tourism authorities arranged required quarantine rooms for Macau students stranded in Hong Kong

The Macao Government Tourism Office (MGTO) has already managed to find the required number of rooms to meet the requirements demanded by the Health Bureau so that the approximately 90 Macaos stranded in Hong Kong can undergo quarantine upon their return.

As the number of daily confirmed Covid-19 cases in neighboring SAR has exceeded 1,000 cases and continues to rise, some universities in Hong Kong have decided to conduct online learning and close dormitories, pushing students non-locals, including those from Macau, to find alternative accommodation.

MGTO director Maria Helena de Senna Fernandes said over the weekend that it was difficult to add a large number of rooms in short-term medical observation hotels, in response to the growing need for Macau students. in Hong Kong to return to the SAR.

“MGTO is discussing a workable measure with health authorities and the Education and Youth Development Office (DSEDJ), in an effort to meet SAR pandemic control requirements,” said Fernandes, “DSEDJ collects detailed student information, including estimated return time and number of students planning to return.

Due to the growing need for hotel rooms caused by the recovery of tourism and the local economy during the spring holiday season, many hotels have little intention of being used as medical observation hotels, a Fernandes added.

The MGTO added that since hotels have to adopt a strict closed-loop system with a ventilation system and other facilities to meet health bureau standards, they are less willing to be used as medical observation hotels.

Arrivals from Hong Kong, Taiwan or mainland China deemed high risk may stay at Pousada Marina Infante, Grand Coloane Resort or Regency Art Hotel, with any overseas arrivals required to complete the required 21 days at the Treasure Hotel.

One of the issues raised by Macau students currently in Hong Kong was the inability to book a hotel room at local quarantine hotels until the end of March.

In a statement issued today, the tourism authorities added that a meeting was held with the Bureau of Health, the DSEDJ and the Bureau of Transport (DSAT) to discuss inter-ministerial collaboration in the organization of medical observation hotels to receive students from Macau.

“At the moment, the DSEDJ is collecting data on the number of students who intend to return to Macau and the respective dates. Until this morning, it was receiving information on the intention to return, in a future close, of around 90 students,” the MGTO added.

While the tourism authorities have already found the required number of quarantine rooms, the DSAT is dealing with the issues of transporting students from Hong Kong to Macau.

“DSEDJ sent messages to the above-mentioned students, reminding them of the need to inform them, as soon as possible and through the DSEDJ system, of their intention to return to Macau, as well as their return plan, if any. , so that the related services can make an organization according to the situation and concrete data”.

*With Therese Tu

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