Three seaside resorts in North Wales make Which? Top 30 best beach towns in the UK according to the magazine

North Wales is blessed with some of the finest lost seaside spots in the country. With the long Easter weekend upon us and the sun shining, these places are set to become must-visit destinations for many people.

Now three seaside towns in North Wales have been recognized in the top 30 best seaside towns in the UK. Llandudno, Conwy and Criccieth made the top 30. Conwy came top in terms of North Wales locations, just missing out on a top 10 location.

Who? asked its members to rate the beach, attractions, scenery, value for money and more for nearly 100 seaside towns across the UK. Bamburgh in Northumberland has been named the best in the UK.

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Conwy came in 13th place in the table with an average hotel price of £116. While there was no star rating for the beach, Conwy got five out of five stars for the attractions on offer.

Conwy’s scenery has also earned the seaside location five stars. However, they only received three out of five stars for peace and quiet. It received a four-star rating for its value for money. With all that in mind, they had a customer score of 79%.

Just one place behind Conwy is Criccieth in Gwynedd which has the same customer rating as Conwy at 79%. Criccieth also doesn’t have a star rating on which for the beach, as does Conwy.

However, the average hotel price in Criccieth is significantly lower than in Conwy at £85. No star rating is available on Which one? array of attractions in Criccieth.

Llandudno is 25th on the list

The scenery of the seaside town of Gwynedd gives Criccieth its first five-star rating. They then get four out of five stars for peace and quiet.

Finally, just behind Conwy and Criccieth in 25th place is Llandudno in County Conwy. The popular seaside town costs on average around £82 for the cheapest hotel of the three North Wales locations in the top 30.

Unlike the other two locations, Llandudno has been graded on its beach giving it three out of five stars. However, to make up for the beach, Llandudno has been rated five stars for attractions offered in the area.

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Like Conwy and Criccieth, Llandudno scored five out of five for seaside town scenery. The popular resort was subsequently awarded four out of five stars for peace and quiet in the area.

Members of Which gave Llandudno four stars in terms of value for money. With all of this in mind, Llandudno achieved a customer score of 77%.

You can view the full Quel table by clicking on here.

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