This Disney World Hotel Room Will Make Your Family Feel Like Royalty

“Hello Princess!” It’s a friendly greeting you often hear from Disney cast members, and despite my age and lack of royals, it really does make me feel a little more regal. During a recent visit to Disney World, I decided it was time to take my rightful place on the throne by staying in a room fit for a princess like me at Disney’s Port Orleans Resort — Riverside.

The resort’s overall design was inspired by the Louisiana Bayou, with a steamboat ticket booth-themed lobby, a sawmill-themed waterslide at the pool, and a well-stocked fishing pond. Most guests stay in rooms that have a southern feel and subtle nods to “The Princess and the Frog,” which was set in New Orleans — but I’m not most guests. Fortunately, I found suitable accommodation in one of the “royal rooms” in the complex.

If you, too, want the royal treatment on your next Disney World vacation, here’s a look at what you can expect from the royal rooms at Disney’s Port Orleans Resort — Riverside.

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The entrance is grand


The stately white-columned mansions that house the Royal Guest Rooms sit on the banks of the Sassagoula River. To reach them, you must cross a bridge from the main section of the resort where the pool, restaurants, and check-in areas are. Once you reach the other side, the walkway leads you to a series of buildings with manicured lawns, flowing fountains, and grand staircases (elevators are also available).


My room was in the Parterre Place building, which had the added regal touch of banners bearing the names of Disney Princesses on lampposts throughout the courtyard.

Note that the buildings are quite far from the main hotel area. The baggage attendant offered to take me on a golf cart ride (alas, not a horse and carriage) to my room so I didn’t have to lug my suitcase the whole way. I refused, but I appreciate that they offer this service.

Your favorite Disney stories are represented

As soon as I walked into the room, I noticed some Disney princess movie themed decorative elements. Portraits of Ariel, Belle, Jasmine and their friends adorned the wall next to the bed, banners with the silhouettes of their suitors hung in the entryway, and Aladdin’s magic rug was woven into the pattern of the rug.

With each turn, I noticed more details that played into the princess theme. The oak furniture was accented with gold filigree, the shower curtain was designed with gold starfish, sand dollars and “dinglehoppers” from “The Little Mermaid”, and the sink faucet was shaped like a lamp. golden genie from “Aladdin”.

All the practicalities of the room were the same as any standard room at a moderate Disney resort. The room had a mini fridge, coffee maker, iron and ironing board, hair dryer and vanity outside the bathroom.

Tiana is the star of the show

Although many princesses are depicted, Princess Tiana featured prominently. There was a large, richly framed portrait of Tiana hanging above a red and gold upholstered bench and a letter from Tiana herself welcoming me to the room and inviting me to make myself at home and enjoy memories magic during my stay.

The main feature of these royal bedrooms is the beds. Headboards extend to the ceiling and are painted with a nighttime bayou scene in shades of deep blue and purple. When you press a small button on the side of the bed, the headboards magically come to life as fireworks burst in the sky above the swamp and fireflies light up the night. Let’s just say I pressed that button more times than you’d think for an adult.

Some equipment is obsolete

Most rooms at Port Orleans–Riverside had been renovated by the time the resort reopened after Disney World’s temporary pandemic shutdown, but most Royal Rooms were unaffected. For the most part, I considered this a good thing because I was impressed with the intricate theming, but it did mean that a few pieces of equipment were outdated.

There was no USB port in the room and the TV was smaller and older than what I have seen in other hotel rooms at Disney World. Most now have newer remotes with channel guides and other features, but this one required you to cycle through all the channels and didn’t do much else.

The location is serene

Although this was my first time in a Royal Room, it was not my first time at Disney’s Port Orleans Resort. I’ve previously stayed at the French Quarter, Riverside’s sister property, and it’s quickly become one of my favorite Disney resorts.

I love the quiet waterfront setting and the walking paths along which you can explore the resort. The area surrounding the resort is wooded, and the architecture is so authentically Louisiana (especially the New Orleans-themed rooms in Port Orleans – French Quarter). Thanks to its location along the Sassagoula River, I was also able to take a ferry ride from the hotel to Disney Springs.

The price is relatively reasonable

When it comes to prices at Disney World, everything is relative. I wouldn’t necessarily call the Royal Guest Rooms a “budget option”, but the price is only slightly higher per night than a standard room in Port Orleans – Riverside. Using an example date of February 15, 2023, a standard river view room costs $364.00 per night plus tax. A Royal Room with a view of the river costs just $17 more, or $381 per night plus tax.

At the end of the line

To some, the princess decor at Disney’s Port Orleans Resort – Riverside Royal Guest Rooms might seem over the top, but if your family is princess-obsessed, the theme is perfect — and the price difference between a standard room and a room worthy of the fee is minimal.

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