The tourist tax wave continues

There is gold in rentals.

For 16 consecutive months, Manatee County’s revenue from a 5% tax on rentals of six months or less has exceeded revenue from the previous year.

In June, the county earned $2,838,519 from the “bed tax,” an increase of $26,725 from revenue gleaned in June of last year.

Revenue figures for May and June more closely tracked appeal fee revenues for the same months in 2021, a sign that the boom the region has seen since late 2020 may be plateauing.

The county’s fiscal year begins in October and ends in September.

From October 2021 to June 2022, the county earned $22,712,366, an increase of approximately 30% over the same period in 2020 and 2021.

Compared to revenue from October 2018 through June 2019, a pre-pandemic period that the Bradenton-area Convention and Visitors Bureau uses as a benchmark for tourism data, county bed tax revenue since the start of the pandemic exercise represent an increase of approximately 76%.

In June, unincorporated Manatee County reported $954,493 in bed tax revenue, or about 34% of total revenue.

Holmes Beach accounted for $890,927 or 31% of total revenue.

Anna Maria gleaned $311,112, while Bradenton Beach won $203,350 – a combined 18% share of the revenue pie.

More stats from June:

  • Longboat Key generated $235,847 or 8.3%,
  • Bradenton generated $233,817 or 8.2%,
  • Palmetto generated $9,045 or 0.3%.

Minus the tax collector’s 3% monthly administrative fee, the county’s net resort revenue in June was $2,753,363.

The county commission receives information from the Manatee County Tourism Development Board on resort tax spending decisions.

Know your TDCs

As well as making revenue spending recommendations, the TDC – a nine-member volunteer group made up of elected officials, hotel owners and citizens involved in the tourism industry – advises the county council on projects tourism development.

Members include County Commissioner Misty Servia, Chairman, Vernon DeSear, Mayor of Palmetto Shirley Groover Bryant, Mayor of Bradenton Gene Brown, Ed Chiles, Eric Cairns, Jack Rynerson, Jiten Patel and Rahul Patel.

Tourist tax collection in June:

June 2018: $1,527,732

June 2019: $1,653,010

June 2020: $1,443,184

June 2021: $2,811,793

June 2022: $2,838,519

Source: Manatee County Tax Collector

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