The MPU Center for Gambling and Tourism Studies held seminars to discuss strategies for expanding the international tourism market

MACAU, Oct. 6 – The Center for Gambling and Tourism Studies at Macau Polytechnic University (MPU) recently held the Asian Gambling Markets Seminar Series. The series focused on the future development direction of Macau’s gaming industry by exploring the competitive situation of Asian gaming and discussing the city’s software and hardware requirements for Macau to expand its tourism base to the foreign. Two lecture sessions were delivered by Mr. Andrew Scott, Vice President and CEO of Inside Asian Gaming, and Mr. Jun Fu, a Senior Architectural Designer, both of whom have rich experience in the field of integrated center development. resorts across Asia.

The first industry conference was presented by Mr. Andrew Scott, Vice President and CEO of Inside Asian Gaming, with a focus on industry magazine publications and other events covering gaming in Asia. From the perspective of game revenue, he divided the Asian game market into several tiers, showcasing game development in the Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam, Australia, and New Zealand. Besides comparing Macau to these gambling jurisdictions, the speaker pointed out the pros and cons of Macau. Mr. Scott concluded that future gaming concessionaires need to identify their competitive advantage and differentiate their tourism products from other Asian destinations.

The second industry conference focused on the material perspective of a tourist attraction. Mr. Jun Fu is a senior architectural designer and founder of a local interior design firm with casino resort design projects in Macau and Southeast Asia. In the lecture, Mr. Fu first explained the evolution of modern casinos and explained how an integrated resort is perceived through the five senses, namely light, sound, humidity, color and temperature. From the cultural point of view, Mr. Fu explained the characteristics of tourists from all over the world and shared the architectural design and functional characteristics of an integrated resort, with specific reference to the role of tourist facilities and infrastructure in attracting tourists. non-local tourists in the southeast. Asian casino resorts.

Both series of industry conferences have been well received at MPU. Each conference session brought together more than 60 participants, including undergraduate and postgraduate students in game management, as well as academic staff and researchers. Participating students pointed out that the local gambling industry is currently undergoing changes and that Macau needs to attract foreign guests to the city. After attending the lecture series, they learned about the gambling market situation in Asia and thought more about market strategies to adopt in Macau.

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