Sportsplex debate misses OC voice | Opinion

printed on 07/08/2022

If the Town of Ocean City and the resort tourism industry really believe that a major sports complex operating nearby will have a huge economic impact on the resort, now is the time to pull out of the pot.

At least someone should say something to defend the four Worcester County commissioners who continue to hold the line against a rising tide of disenchantment fomented by opponents of the Majority’s plan to acquire sports complex property on the route 50 just outside Berlin.

Someone needs to throw a lifeline to these people just for the sake of appearances, so they don’t seem to think it’s their idea and they’re going to go it alone.

Commissioners Joe Mitrecic, Diana Purnell, Bud Church and Josh Nordstrom are not necessarily in deep political trouble, as they likely have the support of most people in their districts, and Church is not seeking re-election. Still, they seem somewhat exposed due to Ocean City’s absence from the conversation.

After all, Ocean City officials have been talking about the need for a sports complex for years, so it’s a little disconcerting that they haven’t yet given any real indication of what role they want or have. intend to play in its development and operation.

All that’s there now is that Mitrecic and Purnell are pushing hard with support from Church and Nordstrom, but don’t have much to back their positions beyond their own opinions.

It’s time for other advocates for this project to join in and reveal what they think and how they plan to participate before voters in Ocean Pines and elsewhere in the county adopt in permanently the idea that it is a bad idea.

For everyone, Ocean City officials see things a little differently and are trying to work this out with the commissioners behind closed doors. Either way, as promoters of the sports complex who believe the resort would be the main beneficiary, city officials need to join the debate and explain to potential voters that these commissioners are not alone. Or at least we assume they are not.

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