Siena Heights in Adrian hosts BHS for summer camps

Life is full of challenges and Cory Meggitt threw down a big one earlier this year.

After nearly two decades of making Sauk Valley Farms Resort in Brooklyn, Michigan, the BHS Marching Band’s summer camp, Meggitt, director of Bedford Public School Bands and chairman of the district’s music department, had to scramble to find a new location. after learning that Sauk Valley was out of the camp lodging business.

“I explored about a dozen other locations, but none of them worked due to location, date, cost, etc.,” Meggitt said.

Luckily, he had a connection to nearby Siena Heights University in Adrian.

“I know the manager of the Siena Heights group, Dan Kesterke, and I messaged him. Siena Heights was very excited to welcome us to their campus and worked closely with me to make this a successful experience for our students and our program,” said Meggitt.

The Bedford High School Marching Band practices at Siena Heights University, Adrian.

Kesterke explains, “After Cory looked for a place for band camp, I met with our catering department, Resident Life, Athletics, Public Safety and Events and looked to see how we could meet the demand for Bedford.

“With the SHU team and the Bedford team, we figured out what needed to happen and worked together to provide the best student experience possible by offering our services and facilities,” Kesterke said.

In late July, with the venue set, nearly 90 students loaded school trucks with luggage and instruments, boarded buses and, along with more than a dozen band staff and parents volunteer guides, headed to the USD.

BHS summer camp staff at Siena Heights University, Adrian.

The theme for this year’s halftime show is 1970s Band Vibes, featuring the songs “Bohemian Rhapsody”, “That’s the Way I Like It”, “Country Roads Take Me Home” and “YMCA”.

In addition to the new location, this year’s music camp has been shortened by one day.

“This year’s camp was a success overall, especially since we were given so little time. We were able to finish all of our music and chart the majority of our halftime show on the pitch,” said Mason Olvera, a freshman drum major.

BHS Drum Majors Mason Olvera, Lorelei Wilburn and Jessie Wood.

While music and movement are important lessons for the BHS marching band, there are other positive aspects of the camp.

“One of the most important aspects of camp is the positive relationships that are formed between group members and the memories that are created through the shared experience of camp itself,” said senior Lorelei Wilburn, who is in his second year as a drummer. Major.

“While the goal is ultimately to learn the show as best we can, the friendships and camaraderie that are fostered in the program help create a strong team as well as an overall positive community,” said- she added.

The BHS Marching Band practices at the University of Siena Heights, Adrian.

The third drum major leading the band is sophomore Jessie Wood.

“This year drum major camp was a change from being a freshman walker last year,” Wood said.

“In first year, I was new to the world of marching band and I didn’t know much about it. Now I’m one of the go-to people for answers when someone has a question. It was a strange change, but I couldn’t be happier. I like being able to help people to the maximum of their abilities, which is why I think drum major is a perfect fit for me,” Wood said.

The BHS Marching Band practices at the University of Siena Heights, Adrian.

Meggitt said he was happy with the 2022 summer music camp.

“I was satisfied with our camp experience in Siena Heights. Everyone worked hard at camp – students, staff and chaperones. I’m excited to see our band perform later this season,” he said.

Kesterke agreed.

“We think camp went extremely well,” he said.

The BHS Marching Band trains at their new summer camp at the University of Siena Heights, Adrian.

“It was the first time we had a marching band other than our own, so we really tried to anticipate the band’s rehearsal and activity needs first. There is a big difference between rehearsing in an outdoor camp and on a college campus and we take great pride in our staff, services and facilities.

“We hope that Bedford will choose us again in the years to come and invite other schools to set aside time at Siena Heights University for their music camps,” added Kesterke.

The Bedford community will have the first opportunity to see the Kicking Mules marching band perform in public on Friday, September 2, when the BHS varsity football team host Pioneer at Bedford Community Stadium’s Grogan’s Towne Field.

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