Shark Bit Stuart Surfer off Walton Rocks Beach Probably a bull shark


NS. LUCIA COUNTY – 41-year-old Stuart is recovering from a serious shark bite he suffered while surfing at Walton Rocks Beach in the early morning hours of August 21.

Jeremy Kerr, who studied marine biology at the University of North Florida, said he knew the type of bite had to be a bulldog shark.

The bite tore the entire instep and arch of the foot and cut right through to the bone, he told TCPalm on Friday, adding he couldn’t see it until St Lucy Fire Andrescue transfers him to Lonewood Regional. paddy field. Medical Center.

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“I don’t even know how many stitches they put in me, but they’re probably huge Frankenstein seams,” he said. “Now we have to make sure that we keep taking antibiotics to prevent infection. We have to be careful not to be confused by the bacteria in the shark’s mouth with such deep wounds.”

Shark bites surfer off Walton Rocks

Kerr caught about half a dozen waves that morning during his “dawn patrol”.

“The waves of the day were so much fun and not perfect, but between waist and chest height,” said Kerr, an avid surfer who grew up breaking waves on the Treasure Coast. “I entered the water with the first light because I got there early to surf before the crowds arrived.”

He jumped off the board about 30 yards from the coast and returned to the break with a paddle when he felt unusual pressure on his left foot. He said the shark was biting hard.

“At first I thought it was weird that my teeth didn’t hurt, but it was a sharp slice. I was reluctant to look down at my legs so I rowed for help finding a way to drive somewhere. . Point “.

Like any spectator, a friend on the beach rushed to help. One wrapped his feet in a beach towel. Another used his surfboard chains to slow the blood flow to his feet.

Jeremy Kerr of Stuart, 41, has been riding the waves of the Treasure Coast since he was a child.

Shark bite on the treasure coast

Kerr is the fifth person to be bitten by a shark in three counties this year.

  • March 25: A 16-year-old girl with a “relatively minor” injury said she was bitten by something about three miles south of the Johns Island Club on the banks of the Indian River.
  • March 30: Perhaps a man in his forties cut his foot off the surface near Disney’s Vero Beach Resort.
  • April 29: A 54-year-old man, Boogie, who was boarding near Disney’s Vero Beach Resort, injured his leg.
  • July 10: A 9-year-old Sebastian bitten walking at Bathtub Beach in Martin County.

According to him, he is the third person to be bitten by a shark off Walton Rocks Beach since 2008. TCPalm Treasure Coast Shark Attack Database.. All three were surfers.

Walton Rocks is a dog-friendly beach located approximately 1/4 to 0.5 mile off Boyles, a hotspot for fish and sharks that may be attracted to the hot water outlets of the Nuclear Power Plant. St. LUCIA. Street A1A.

Sharks are not bad guys

Mr. Kerr said he learned a costly lesson from this experience.

“It’s expensive if you get bitten by a shark, costing $ 160,000,” he said. This does not include work that failed to design and maintain the company’s custom aquarium equipment. Aquatic synergy.

Owners of longtime friends of Stuart, Jordan and Tarashwartz Ohana Surf Shop to Stuart Launch of GoFundMe to cover costs of Carr..

Kerr was released from Fort Pierce hospital with a cast on his lower leg on Wednesday, but he faces months of physical rehabilitation.

He plans to resume surfing by January, if he’s lucky, as soon as he’s physically able to do so.

“Don’t let the shark bite you out of the water. Sharks only do what they do naturally when they bite. Sharks are very important to the ecosystem, ”he said. paddy field. “I actually want to keep more sharks in the water than humans. We shouldn’t make sharks bad.

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