Sea Lion washes up on Carlsbad Golf Course, miles from the beach – NBC 7 San Diego

Golfers at the Omni La Costa Resort & Spa in Carlsbad must have wondered if their eyes were playing tricks on them Thursday when they spotted a sea lion on the course.

Resort staff wasted no time in alerting the SeaWorld rescue team, who arrived to discover the heavily pregnant marine mammal, which was miles from the nearest beach. Resort staff told NBC 7 that SeaWorld employees told them it was common for sea lions to seek land while pregnant, “just closer to the actual shore.”

Photo courtesy of Omni La Costa Resort & Spa

The animal’s rescuers suspect it took advantage of last night’s high tide to swim far up into the nearby Bataquitos lagoon to get to the resort.

“The team was able to get her safely into the rescue truck and transport her to the beach in Carlsbad State to move her out and back into the ocean,” said Tracy Spahr, a SeaWorld publicist. , to NBC 7. “She looked healthy, and, due to her pregnancy, the ocean is the best place for her to give birth when she’s ready.”

Members of the SeaWorld rescue team were able to rescue the creature using three large nets

Thursday’s peripatetic pinniped is reminiscent of the repeat SeaWorld sea lion named Freeway for its pleasure of the land. The curious juvenile male sea lion who turned heads in January when he found himself on a local highway was once again rescued from another strange location in May.

In fact, some pranksters are now wondering: Could Carlsbad’s newest resident be Freeway’s girlfriend?

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