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HICKMAN COUNTY, Tennessee (WKRN) – Campers witnessed utter devastation at the Piney River Resort in Bon Aqua on Saturday following severe flooding.

New campers Jennifer and Jason Johnston spoke with News 2 about their experience. The couple came from Texas and are heading to South Carolina.

“We just picked up our motorhome on Thursday. We had never camped in an RV or pulled an RV. It seemed like a nice area, Piney River Resort, ”Jennifer explained.

Jennifer said they were originally in the lower part of the campsite but couldn’t unhook the motorhome. Campsite staff then moved them to higher ground, shortly before the rain started.

“Five minutes after receiving the warning, that’s when the floods hit. The lower part of the campground, it just started washing all the vehicles and campgrounds. The cool thing about the VR community and this site is that everyone has stepped up to help everyone. Everyone was supposed to be here, which is great, ”Jason said.

The Johnston’s told News 2 that they even welcomed a family themselves.

“This family that was closest to the river here at the campsite, they luckily got out, there were six children, two adults and three dogs. Their campervan was swept away and they were sitting with flooded vehicles and had nowhere to go. Jason and I looked at each other and said there was no doubt, come in our motorhome, our home is your home, ”Jennifer explained.

Jennifer told News 2 they didn’t have electricity and ran out of water. She prepared food for the children and once there was some leeway when the water receded, the family were able to return home.

“It was crazy for a while, we didn’t know if we were going to take a break or not,” Jennifer said.

Jason told News 2 the couple were able to leave briefly to drop their daughters home and collect supplies. He said most people have left the campsite.

“Everyone remained pretty much calm. There was no panic, everyone just did what they needed to do to keep everyone safe, ”Jason explained.

Jennifer said they didn’t expect to experience this on their first RV trip.

“We definitely got some quick lessons on how to be a camper in less than 24 hours,” Jennifer said.

They told News 2 that the campsite staff had done a great job helping people.

“They passed by this poor man who is the host of the campsite he managed in rags. He was one of those when we got here. He stopped what he was doing and helped us for two hours. He said you know, let yourself be moved to higher ground. It’s amazing how people come together, it’s nice to see this in the world right now, ”Jennifer said.

The couple encourage all who can to help those in need at this time. Three people were helicoptered off the scene.

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