PHOTO REPORT: Disneyland Resort 6/28/22 (Hank Comes to Finding Nemo, Pirates Boat Trials, Indiana Jones Artifacts, and more)

Hi, hi, ho! We headed to the Disneyland Resort to have lunch at Blue Bayou, greet a new friend who landed in Tomorrowland, and see what else we could find new. So join us for this latest photo report of the two parks.


The first thing we noticed was a new set of paper tickets for guests entering the park. These are just a few of the many new models available.

Along Main Street, USA, we passed Cast Members dressed in new costumes for the PhotoPass “Capture Your Moment” sessions. These costumes of sky blue shirts and dark blue pants will help differentiate the traditional PhotoPass Photographer Cast Members from the private “Capture Your Moment” Photographer Cast Members.

We all know that the pink trees that bloom at the Hub in the spring are beautiful and have become iconic, but the white flowers on the trees in the height of summer are just as beautiful.

Channel your inner Sorcerer with this new Doctor Strange mug we found in the China Closet.

We found quite a bit of new Main Street Electrical Parade merchandise today. Let’s start with this new set of MSEP Dooney & Bourke bags.

We are always grateful to the Cast Members who help us cover all of this merchandise for you, our readers. Ayaka and Stuart were wonderful, and they even modeled the bags for us!

Further down Main Street, we also found a new collection of runway-inspired clothing. There are several pieces that have arrived recently, and you can view them all here.

At Adventureland, we encountered some of Dr. Jones’ most famous artifacts, two of which are available for sale.

The coolest thing about these artifacts is the information signs that talk about the factual origins and inspirations behind each of these MacGuffins from the “Indiana Jones” movies. It’s more than a recreation of a prop; it’s a learning experience that…belongs to a museum.

We had to stop shopping after a while as it was lunch time. We went back to Blue Bayou to see what it was like without the walls. We didn’t pass up the opportunity to take some great long exposure photos during our stay.

And sure enough, as we were shooting, boats started floating around as the ride was testing. We can’t wait to get back to Pirates of the Caribbean.

We enjoyed a breakfast today, just enough to keep us going without being weighed down. We stopped at Blue Bayou a few weeks ago when the walls were still up and had a larger lunch which was delicious, but certainly slowed our pace a bit. You can see this whole culinary experience in our video review here:

It sure is hot today. We went along the edge of the rivers of America towards Batuu.

From afar along Savi’s path, we can see the glowing dots of the Black Spire Outpost beckoning us. Let’s enter.

Check out this old-school battle droid, disabled and caged next to some astromechs.

Vi Moradi was recruiting for the Resistance in the Black Spire outpost. We had to promise not to tell the First Order we saw her.

Legacy lightsaber hilt from Luminara Unduli

Inside Dok Ondar’s Antiquities Lair, we encountered a new Legacy lightsaber. Jedi Master Luminara Unduli’s lightsaber is one of the lightest we’ve felt so far.

It’s the perfect weight for swinging and making lightsaber noises while reciting dialogue from the movies. At least it was perfect, until the Cast Members asked us to stop freaking everyone out.

The endless planter construction project in front of Tomorrowland hasn’t changed in a while, but it’s a nice place to come and enjoy the view from the Astro Orbiter.

What a beautiful day.

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As we left Space Mountain, we noticed a sign directing us to a few places that are no longer there. The Magic Eye Theater, where Captain EO and Honey, I Shrunk the Audience were shown, is still there but closed indefinitely.

The Space Place restaurant closed in 1996 and once stood where the entrance to Space Mountain is now, with the seating area being the entire upstairs deck of what is now the outdoor queue of Space Mountain.

It looks like a toilet panel sticker has fallen off to reveal the old panel underneath. This sign dates from somewhere between 1986-1996.

The walls of Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage have come down, giving us our first close look at the lagoon since before the plague.

It was always one of our favorite photo spots before closing, and we are very happy to have it back.

A new resident has joined the annoying/beloved seagulls on a rocky outcrop in the distance.

Hank the Septopus from “Finding Dory” has come into the lagoon, giving a side eye to seagulls that won’t come down.

Welcome to the party, Hank!

Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel and Spa

Heading out to check out the resorts, our first stop was at Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel and Spa to visit the Holiday Cart, stocked with fresh cookies and other treats to celebrate Pride Month.

Disney’s Paradise Pier Hotel

Next, we’ll head to Disney’s Paradise Pier to see how the renovation and theme change is coming along. The golden suns were removed from the facades of the towers, leaving only blank fixtures. These will eventually be Luxo balls in the Pixar retheme.

We love all the art that still hangs in the hotel lobby, reflecting the Disney California Adventure theme in the Paradise Pier area before it was redesigned.

From the hotel tower, we can take a look at the construction of the Disney Vacation Club at the Disneyland Hotel. This building seems to be a new information center or something.

We can also assess the construction of Downtown Disney, which does not seem to be progressing much.

The view of the park is too good to resist, so let’s go…

California Disney Adventure

We haven’t seen that BB-8 ball in the park in a while.

Seaside Souvenirs has finally reopened after being closed for several weeks during a renovation.

Another renovation is underway at the park, as the arc reactor at the entrance to the Avengers campus is covered for repairs.

One last farewell shot from the park today as we say hello to Captain Marvel. It’s been a while since we’ve seen her in the country, and it’s always nice to bump into a friend while walking around the park.

Well, that’s all about us here at Disneyland. We are happy that you accompanied. Be sure to leave a comment below, letting us know what you think of the photo story. We will see you very soon!

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