New flights to ignite tourism in Kariba



TOURISM in Kariba is expected to increase following Crispy Fresh’s decision to relaunch flights to the resort and airstrips in the basin.

The resumption of flights follows a seven-year hiatus at Air Zimbabwe.

Crispy Fresh Managing Director Mark Lawrence said: “The first flight landed at Kariba, recently taking 10 guests to Rhino Camp, landing on the Tashinga airstrip. Crispy Fresh charters weekly Halsted Aviation planes which will fly every Friday from Harare to Kariba and back to Harare on Monday.

Lawrence added: “The flights will be weekly from Harare with maybe two stopovers in the Kariba area per flight. Planes can land on the airstrips of Bumi, Tashinga or Fothergill as well as in Kariba. In other words, the plane could land at Bumi and Kariba, or Bumi and Fothergill.

Kariba Tourism and Business Indaba administrator Cephas Shonhiwa praised the development, saying it was long overdue.

“We welcome the initiative as it will resuscitate the tourism sector which has been on its knees for some time, especially due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We have followed and supported such initiatives and even appointed one of our members as Kariba Tourism and Business Indaba to coordinate the achievement of this connectivity, ”said Shonhiwa.

“We are happy that there is development in Kariba and that customers no longer have problems getting to the resort. Although it is a charter plane, it offers fairly affordable rates.

Shonhiwa added, “We encourage Kariba operators to support this great initiative to ensure Kariba continues to be an internationally sought-after tourist destination. “

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