Nev Power makes quiet return to Strike, APM cards

He is not unscathed. Public embarrassment aside, he lost ten weeks’ pay at Strike and APM. He lost his chairmanship of the (private) Perth Airport, as well as several high-profile but pro bono charitable roles. He could lose another position on the board of ASX-listed Genesis Minerals, as the company has not yet clarified his current role.

But Power both escaped jail time and retained two of his three biggest non-executive roles. Others faced greater consequences for violating Marc McGowanthe iron Curtain.

Like 28 years old Asher Vander Sanden. In 2020, her commercial flight from Melbourne was cancelled, so she – foolishly not owning a Cessna – hitchhiked to go home by truck. This, and her skipping hotel quarantine to instead self-isolate for ten days at her boyfriend’s house (she said she couldn’t pay the $2,500 hotel bill), was in violation. conditions attached to his entry exemption. She was sentenced to six months in prison, which, after three weeks served, was reduced to 50 hours of community service.

Then there’s the Hawthorn Financial Planner Marc Babbage, who with a companion forged documents and snuck into Western Australia to see the demons triumph in the AFL Grand Final. He got three months in prison (football fever doesn’t count as cognitive distortion), although that was just the start. ASIC has since banned of providing financial services for no less than ten years, concluding that he lacks the honesty and integrity necessary to participate in this industry. After a decade on the sidelines, we don’t expect Babbage to advise anyone on their finances again.

It is the incongruity here that is indefensible. It is bad enough that any Australian, elite or ordinary, is jailed for the offense of crossing an internal border. But it also offends any sense of fairness that a director of a prominent public company should suffer insignificant professional consequences for the crime that will end the career of a suburban accountant.

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