Malam Jabba ski resort closes due to security threats


Islamabad – The picturesque ski resort of Malam Jabba is on the verge of shutting down all of its operations and closing again to tourists due to security threats from local influentials and disbelievers.

Some local criminals in the area threatened the management of the resort to shut down the tourist site as they attempted to encroach on the resort grounds with the connivance of some influential area officials and government officials.

“We have invested billions of rupees in the operation and maintenance of this complex, but local influentials and disbelievers have threatened us with dire consequences,” said Pir Waris Shah, general manager of the complex.

The group also wrote a letter to the Swat regional police officer and deputy commissioner requesting urgent police support to deal with the threats. The letter indicates that the Samson group of companies have received information from credible sources that the Malam Jabba ski resort in Swat will be attacked by criminals from the Malam Jabba area with the intention of taking over the resort.

The management of the complex has called on the police and the local administration to provide adequate police support to the complex as soon as possible in order to protect the complex from the invasion of criminals in the best public interest.

The resort remained closed during the peak tourist season in early summer for two months, causing huge inconvenience to tourists. Some tourists said that closing the resort was also against Prime Minister Imran Khan’s vision for reviving tourism in the country.

Management called on the prime minister to look into the matter and help keep the resort operational for tourists.

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