List of Spanish resorts affected by the new “all-inclusive” alcohol ban

Scottish tourists to Spain may be concerned to learn of a new ban on the sale of alcohol in some resorts.

British holidaymakers have taken to Twitter to warn others of the new changes as they head off on a well-deserved break after two years of the pandemic.

We reported how a tourist became furious after being hit with new rules at a Spanish resort.

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New restrictions on alcohol consumption were introduced earlier this year, but travelers are just starting to feel the changes as the summer season approaches. The Spanish government has announced the packages of measures aimed at stopping anti-social behavior, which include “alcoholic beverages limited to six a day”.

The crackdown only affects tourist destinations known for excessive drinking and rowdy behavior causing problems for locals, IrishMirror reports. However, there has been widespread confusion over exactly where the laws are in effect, so the regional government has clarified the affected areas.

Rather than applying to the whole of Mallorca, the rules will only apply to Magaluf and El Arenal, and the Balearic island of Ibiza. The legislation went into effect in January 2022 and limits all-inclusive guests to six alcoholic drinks per day — three at lunch and three at dinner.

The new laws came into effect to reduce “problems of overconsumption of alcohol”, according to

On top of that, happy hours and two-for-one drink specials will also be banned in these areas. Advertising boat parties will no longer be allowed and alcohol sales will be prohibited between 9:30 p.m. and 8:00 a.m. Monday to Sunday.

A spokesman for the Balearic Islands government said the law would “force a real change in the tourism model of these destinations”.

Tourism Minister Iago Neguereula spoke in London last week and said: “From April to May this year we will increase the police presence in these areas and the number of inspectors.

“We will have zero tolerance for excessive tourism.”

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