Letter: Stop complaining about Vail Resorts

I’m a bit sick of reading all the letters and articles disparaging Vail Resorts. Vail Resorts is criticized for congested slopes with long lift lines, expensive and lousy mountain food, low wages leading to a lack of employees, which results in unopened terrain and poor grooming. People don’t recognize the wonderful high-speed, high-capacity lift system that reduces lift lines and allows skiers to cover many more runs.

I’ve been coming to Vail once or twice a year since 1983 when I first learned to ski at age 38. At that time, I was paying $35 a day for my lift ticket. This year I bought a Local Epic Pass for around $580. I’m going to ski Vail for at least 10 days and Breckenridge and Keystone for another five or six days so my daily cost isn’t much higher than 1983.

Don’t complain about the price of lift tickets. So far this year I have skied from the Friday before Martin Luther King Jr. Day until the following Wednesday and the whole mountain was open in a light snow year. Nothing to complain about there. I didn’t have a lift longer than four minutes. This includes gondola 1, chair 2, chair 3, chair 4, chair 5, chair 7, chair 10, chair 11, chair 14 and the Blue Sky pool.

You just have to be careful when going to certain parts of the mountain. Nothing to complain about there. Saturday and Sunday there were a good number of people on the slopes but there was still plenty of room to ski and not unreasonable for a holiday weekend and no different than 10 years ago for a weekend. end of vacation.

Friday, which was snowy and foggy and Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, the slopes were almost deserted. Overcrowding? Not in my experience. If you want to ski on groomed slopes, there are still plenty of choices on all sectors of the mountain. Don’t like the food or the prices? Me neither, so I’m making lunch. Besides Vail, I ski for a week at another North American resort every year. Vail’s experience is still by far the best there is. Not perfect, but what is it? Stop complaining and start enjoying the best there is.

Barry A. Gersick

Bonita Springs, Florida

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