Legoland NY opens for the season: Here’s what you need to know about the Orange County theme park and hotel

STATEN ISLAND, NY – When Legoland New York Resort officially opened in July 2021, introducing area residents to seven different themed lands and a spacious, 250-room resort hotel, it was big news for the Valley. of the Hudson.

The largest Legoland ever developed by Merlin Entertainment, the site is gearing up for its 2022 season, offering guests a full schedule of events, including its first-ever 4th of July fireworks display.

New entertainment venues – including the LEGO City Water Playground – are also set to open this year, giving customers the chance to build and pilot their own LEGO boat.

Bringing some 1,500 jobs to the area and revitalizing an otherwise stagnant tourism industry that has been decimated by COVID-19, the theme park has brought 500 acres of upstate property to life and given families new -yorkers new weekend plans suitable for toddlers. And now, as the new attraction opens for its first full season, unbound by COVID restrictions and operating at full capacity, the state is banking on its charm once again.

“We are excited to welcome travelers from across the state and around the world as Legoland New York Resort opens for the season,” Governor Kathy Hochul said Friday in announcing the park’s season opener.

“This unique, family-friendly destination has been a boon to the local economy and an integral part of the state’s tourism industry. The future is bright for Legoland New York and we look forward to many successful seasons ahead as we continue our economic recovery from COVID-19,” Hochul said.

The first major theme park to open in the Northeast in over four decades, Legoland is located just 60 miles from New York City in Goshen, NY and features over 50 Lego-themed rides.

Long delayed by the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the attraction opened in phases last summer, inviting annual passholders and day ticket holders to whimsical lands like Brick Street, Bricktopia, Lego City, Lego Castle, Lego Ninjago World, Miniland and Lego Pirates.

Legoland New York, which will reopen for the 2022 season on April 8, now offers an all-new water play area for its summer guests. (Courtesy of Legoland New York)

“There’s so much excitement around family travel this year…” noted Stephanie Johnson, Division Manager of Legoland NY Resort. “We saw strong demand last year, even with our gradual opening, and we plan to build on that momentum in our first full season as we welcome families to experience all that our resort has to offer.”

The announcement of the park’s opening complements the state’s efforts to rebuild tourism and hospitality in New York City.

A “Bring Back Tourism, Bring Back Jobs” stimulus package, which was introduced by Hochul in November, including targeted programs and initiatives designed to support the economic rebuilding of the industry, focuses on adding such attractions in the state.

“Tourism is critical to the economic vitality of New York State, and the pandemic has dealt a severe blow to the industry in both domestic and international markets,” noted Hope Knight, Acting Commissioner and President and CEO. the designated direction of Empire State Development, which awarded $25 million in grants to build the park.

“This celebration of Legoland’s first full season in New York represents many positive indications that we are rebuilding and recovering from the COVID-19 crisis and revitalizing this industry that supports so many jobs and businesses across the state.” , Knight continued.

LEGOLAND New York Resort and Hotel

The Lego-themed rooms are part of the charm of Legoland New York. (Photo courtesy of Merlin Entertainment)Photo provided | Merlin Entertainment

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