Lanka uses firewood for cooking as fuel and gas become a luxury

Amid the current economic crisis in Sri Lanka, the island nation is running out of fuel, cooking gas and other essentials. The country’s leading cooking gas retailer, Litro Gas, said it was completely out of stock but hoped to secure new supplies in the coming days to resume distribution.

People are forced to wait in long queues for fuel while most essentials, including medicine, are in short supply. Massive anti-government protests are taking place across the country, with a large protest outside the Rajapaksa secretariat in central Colombo.

Short of essentials, people resort to primitive ways to run their homes. Amid a crippling shortage of cooking gas, residents of the island nation have had to resort to firewood to run their kitchens.

The island nation of Sri Lanka is in the midst of one of the worst economic crises it has ever seen. It has just defaulted on its external debts for the first time since independence, and the country’s 22 million people face crippling 12-hour power cuts and dire shortages of food, fuel and electricity. other essential items such as medicines.

Inflation is at an all-time high of 17.5%, with prices for food items such as a kilogram of rice reaching 500 Sri Lankan rupees (A$2.10) when it would normally cost around 80 rupees (0 .34 $A). Amid the shortages, a 400g pack of powdered milk would cost more than 250 rupees (Australian $1.05), when it usually costs around 60 rupees (Australian $0.25).

According to Theshara Jayasinghe, who recently resigned as Chairman and CEO of Litro Gas, there is massive corruption in the gas industry. The cooking gas shortage is just one of the shortages the public has faced in the island nation’s worst economic crisis since independence.

The country faces a shortage of foreign currency, food, basic necessities, fuel, electricity, among others.

Meanwhile, Sri Lanka on Friday started a process of importing cooking gas through a line of credit agreement with India, Theshara Jayasinghe said. Jayasinghe said he initiated a process through the Indian High Commission to secure an Indian line of credit to import gas.

Sri Lanka’s economic collapse began after the coronavirus pandemic torpedoed vital income from tourism and remittances.

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