Is it safe to travel to Sri Lanka?

Yes you can. The country has not banned foreign tourists. However, establish contact with your place of stay before boarding the flight.

It is not advisable to travel to Sri Lanka for pleasure, said at least three travel agents who spoke to The fifth, adding that the security situation in the country is not conducive to tourism at the moment.

Curfews could be imposed on short notice, particularly in Colombo, advisories from Canada and the UK warned.

Uncertainty of local suppliers

Neelam Kumar of Madras Travels and Tours said that although they are planning several trips to Sri Lanka during the summer months, they are asking people to cancel them.

“We have advised those who have booked to cancel trips. We are also not taking new bookings. The main reason being that we cannot reach any of the hotels or local bus/car drivers. Even if you reach Sri Lanka, where are you staying? How do you travel between places? Best to postpone the trip until two months later,” Kumar said.

Rajeev Kale, President and Country Head, Holidays, Thomas Cook (India), which also runs several tours in Sri Lanka, said they were coordinating with stakeholders to help customers get home.

Security threat

A travel start-up that customizes travel for tourists said uncertainty over the security situation is also a key reason for its travel postponement/cancellation advice.

Kumar added that although there are no reports of protests in areas other than Colombo, the electricity crisis has also cut off other cities/tourist spots in the country.

He also asked tourists to check local bus and train timetables and whether they are still running before making the decision to travel.

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