In the most chic hotel in Val d’Isère: les Airelles

As well as being the best-located hotel in this chic ski spot, Airelles spares no expense when it comes to offering the most sophisticated ski experience. Heading to the slopes? Descend into the hotel’s stylish ski room where you’ll be greeted by a personal butler who will not only outfit you in the best protective gear, but also offer you a freshly baked pancake while you put on your snow boots (there is has a stocked ‘Snack Room’ with a wonderful charcuterie platter to look out for as well).

Lingonberries Val d’Isere

Nick Harvey

For those who crave mountain air rather than hurtling down the mountain, Airelles offers an endless list of leisure activities. Soak up the sun at Loulou (the recently opened restaurant conveniently located on the hotel’s expansive terrace), where you can enjoy a slice of black truffle pie, lobster linguine or charcoal-grilled scallops. Here, you can sway to the buzz of house music among the throngs of glamorous guests – all stunningly chic, wrapped up in mink coats and Moncler skiwear. After lunch, stroll through the lavish Guerlain Spa for a swim, steam room and sauna followed by a sensory massage, where you sink into the warm massage bed and breathe in the aromas of the Alps. It’s a winning combination. Invariably, those who stay here never want to leave.

Rooms start at £579 per night. To visit for more.

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