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Ideally located on one of the last hidden secrets of the Caribbean, the Golden Rock Resort opens its doors as the first and only upscale resort on the Dutch island of Saint-Eustache (Statia), revealing a sophisticated haven of peace by the sea that vibrates with the energy of the region. natural splendor and charm. Signaling a new era for the destination and breathing new life into the unspoiled island, the introduction of the trendy 32-room resort with a clean design enters the market as the largest hotel development in Statia’s history.

The contemporary hilltop resort complex spans 40 acres of lush landscaping and immaculate gardens and is located near the island’s signature, “Quill”, the dormant volcano which is one of Caribbean’s most popular hiking spots. Providing guests with an authentic natural island experience with a touch of adventure, Golden Rock embodies a relaxed, upscale aesthetic with unparalleled access to the soothing, restorative and rejuvenating power of nature.

The 32 nature-inspired rooms and suites feature modern finishes and stunning ocean views. All accommodations offer open-air hallways, private balconies, durable amenities, and refreshing decor. In April 2022, Golden Rock will add 22 beachfront villas to its current list.

Guests can re-energize in the resort’s two spa treatment rooms or enjoy a long list of amenities, including a large asymmetrical pool, state-of-the-art beachfront gym, tennis / basketball court, artifacts preserved historic sites, a large children’s play area and more. Off-site adventures organized by the Golden Rock’s entertainment team include daily hikes and snorkeling trips. A Beach Club with an infinity pool is expected to be completed by 2022.

Breeze, the destination’s premier restaurant with miles of breathtaking views of the ocean and neighboring islands of St. Kitts and St. Martin, offers exquisite dishes with local produce and global flavors such as Caribbean lobster – thermidor style, king crab and avocado with a spicy juzu vinaigrette and beef tenderloin with choice of chimichurri, pepper sauce or breeze butter. The soon to be opened resort’s vegetable garden will provide an abundance of fresh ingredients to create a range of tasty dining experiences and handcrafted cocktails.

In its commitment to an environmentally responsible lifestyle, Golden Rock Resort uses the following sustainable systems: solar panels to fully power the resort; a reverse osmosis machine transforming salt water into clean drinking water with a storage capacity of 240,000 liters; and a helophyte filter used to clean dirty water through the use of reed and bamboo for irrigation of the plants and grass of the property.

A 13 square mile island located between St. Kitts and St. Martin, Statia is home to 36 dive sites, 32 native bird species, and more protected historic monuments per square mile than any other Caribbean island. Top attractions include Quill National Park, with a dormant 2,000-foot volcano towering over the southern half of the island and offering more than a dozen trails that allow hikers to ascend through thorny woods to the spectacular tropical forest at the edge of the crater; The many trails in Boven National Park that wind through valleys and along ridges, leading visitors to secluded bays and viewpoints; The dive sites of Saint-Eustache Marine National Park, which are considered one of the top five dive sites in the Caribbean, as they feature a vast array of coral reefs, wrecks, volcanic fissures, pinnacles and magnificent walls; and the historic city center with hundreds of artefacts from the 18e century.

Statia is located 33 miles southwest of the St. Martin’s Coast (SXM), a short but beautiful 20 minute plane ride to Statia FD Roosevelt Airport (EUX). Connections to Saint-Martin (SXM) are available with regional and international carriers, including Caribbean Airlines, LIAT, KLM, American Airlines, Continental Airlines, US Airways and Air France. A ferry service will soon be available between the island of Saba, Saint Kitts and Saint Martin.

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