GGRAsia – 70% domestic IR users, $ 1.4 billion annual GGR: Nagasaki


70% domestic IR users, annual GGR of $ 1.4 billion: Nagasaki

Nagasaki Prefecture expects that seven out of ten visitors to its expected casino complex will come from Japan, and that the facility will generate annual gross gaming revenue (GGR) of 150 billion yen (1.37 billion yen. dollars), according to a statement made to the prefectural assembly on Tuesday.

Details are based on winning proposition (photo center back, in an artist rendering) for a casino property in Sasebo in the prefecture, made by Casinos Austria International Japan Inc.

Resorts with tourist and entertainment facilities as well as a casino are known in Japan as Integrated Resorts (IRs). Up to three will be allowed in this country, as part of the casino gambling liberalization program. Local governments need to find a private sector partner and then ask the national government for the right to host an IR.

Nagasaki – one of at least three zones interested in hosting one – anticipates, on the basis of the information it has just made public, that its IR would open “at the earliest” in 2027, and would attract every year 8.4 million visitors including 6 million nationals. customers and 2.4 million overseas.

This is according to the prefecture’s statements made to the local government assembly and gathered by the GGRAsia correspondent in Japan.

The authority said 15 percent, or JPY 22.5 billion, of the planned annual GGR JPY 150 billion per year, would go to the prefecture.

Japan’s RI Implementation Bill, approved in July 2018, clarified several key points regarding the country’s nascent industry, including a 30% tax on gross casino gaming revenues – to be shared equally between the national government and the host local government – and a head tax of 6 000 JPY for Japanese citizens and residents wishing to enter these places.

Information recently released by Nagasaki also suggested that the IR would hire around 10,000 people, although it is not clear whether this included jobs during the development phase.

In other news regarding Nagasaki’s IR tilt, the prefecture on Wednesday held the first meeting of its expert panel to establish what it calls an “IR district development plan.”

The panel – which includes representatives from Casinos Austria International Japan – would be made up of individuals with respective knowledge of topics encompassing tourism, transportation and gambling addiction.

The prefecture will consult and collect the opinion of the panel, in order to establish the development plan for the RI district.

The prefecture is due to present this plan to the Nagasaki prefectural assembly in November.

Nagasaki said he plans to submit his candidacy for an appeal to the national government by spring 2022.

Last week, the prefectural assembly was informed that the “economic ripple effect” of Casinos Austria International’s Nagasaki RI proposal in Japan was likely to amount to 320 billion yen, or about 2 billion yen. , 9 billion US dollars. It was the lower end profit of 320 to 420 billion JPY mentioned by the prefecture when it announced its concept of integrated resort base in April last year.

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