Enjoy a good night’s rest at these sleep-centric dream hotels

With the Centers for Disease Control reporting that more than a third of American adults don’t get enough sleep on a regular basis, it’s no surprise that sleep tourism is one of the fastest growing travel trends. While “sleep tourism” once involved going to bed somewhere exotic – think ice hotels or safari camps with beds open to the stars – the term has gradually taken on a different connotation: going on vacation in the express purpose of getting decent sleep. .

Given the wear and tear of insomnia over the past two years, the savvy traveler is deliberately looking for new ways to invest in self-care and sleep while on vacation. These three award-winning Arizona hotels and resorts on Maui are pioneering wellness programs and packages to provide a much-needed reboot of mind, body, and soul for the wellness seeker of modern times.

Castle Hot Springs, Arizona

Inspired by centuries-old communities who sought thermal waters to relieve a number of ailments, Castle Hot Springs introduces a new mineral-rich wellness menu that draws inspiration from the surrounding earth and the healing waters of natural hot springs aimed at to evoke joy, serenity and renewal. Focused on nourishing the mind, body and soul, Castle Hot Springs has enhanced treatments, therapies and body rituals this year by maximizing the benefits of the hot springs unique mineral blend – particularly rich in lithium, magnesium and bicarbonates which together help improve your mood, calm your mind, relieve physical stress and help you fall asleep peacefully.

In addition to the slate of new offerings, Castle Hot Springs is offering two immersive sleep retreats that will include scheduled sleep talks, as well as:

  • Sleep Tracking: Throughout the retreat, guests will be asked to track their sleep to understand their current habits and discuss each morning as a group. By understanding its patterns, clients can make immediate changes to their sleep patterns and find more restful rest.
  • Morning Sun Exposure: On two of the three mornings, guests will embark on a circadian-boosting hike led by Dr. Robbins. Morning sun exposure coupled with the beauty of the Sonoran Desert will provide an immersive nature experience, proven to help regulate one’s circadian rhythm.

Hotel Figueroa, Los Angeles

To help assist those who have lost countless hours of precious sleep during the pandemic, downtown Los Angeles’ wellness oasis, the award-winning Hotel Figueroa, is focusing on rest, recovery and recovery. well-being of its customers. The property is giving ‘R&R’ a whole new meaning with the rollout of its new ‘Rest & Recovery Suite’, specifically designed to ease pandemic-ridden minds so that drifting becomes a breeze.

The hotel transforms one of its exclusive luxury suites into a zen fitness and relaxation destination, complete with all the luxury wellness amenities you need to rest, recuperate and recharge your batteries. The suit includes an Eight Sleep mattress that intelligently adjusts the temperature throughout the night to optimize sleep quality. plus customizable indoor workouts with the Personal Fitness Mirror, SHAPE, Hyperice’s recovery tools, and more.

Hotel Four Seasons Maui in Wailea

Long gone are the days when a Swedish massage and a standard spa menu was enough to provide the momentary relaxation we collectively seek. Maui’s world-famous five-star luxury resort, Four Seasons Resort Maui at Wailea, believes the path to a good night’s rest is through relaxation and the best wellness treatments possible. The property has just announced an exclusive white glove wellness offering, the first of its kind, with Next|Health.

The collaboration aims to revolutionize the concept of indoor well-being, while using accessible on-site amenities to give new meaning to luxury well-being. The focus is on accessible wellness and preventative health optimization for travelers seeking an enhanced spa experience with medical-grade precision. Upon arrival and throughout their stay, guests can enjoy a fully curated and personalized wellness experience to meet their specific needs. Guests of the Four Season Resort Maui now have access to a range of Next | Health, including Next-Level NAD+ IV (dubbed the “fountain of youth”), personalized IV therapy treatments, vitamin injections, and biomarker testing, all available at the property’s famed spa.

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