Discover a variety of Mexican traditions in one place

When people say they want to travel to Mexico, that’s a pretty broad statement. The country has an endless array of bustling towns and cities filled with a range of history and cultures. Some travelers may want to explore the magical towns of Guanajuato, and others may want to experience the indigenous cultures of Oaxaca.

With so many charming destinations to choose from, it can be difficult to pick just one place to visit. While it may not be possible for everyone to travel to all parts of Mexico and experience the variety of cultures and traditions, a resort’s mission is to bring them together in one place.


The Xcaret Arte hotel, located in Playa del Carmen, allows travelers to experience many Mexican cultures through art and gastronomy.

According to Sakari Malinen, Sales Manager, Hoteles Xcaret, the company’s goal is to enable visitors to experience all types of cultures and traditions in a practical way in one place.

“Our owner’s philosophy has always been that he understands that not everyone can go to every corner of the country and to all the amazing villages, so he wants to bring the best of Mexico to one place where you can everything. see, “Malinen mentioned.

Thanks to the resort’s unique All-Fun Inclusive concept, visitors have access to unlimited food, drink, entertainment, activities and more throughout their stay.


No matter which direction customers look, they will learn, see or feel something about the different Mexican cultures. Every piece of art is handmade somewhere in the country, from photos and framed lamps to wood carvings and intricate pillow cases. Visitors to the Xcaret Arte Hotel can even try Temazcal at Muluk Spa, a tradition practiced by the natives of Mexico for therapeutic and meditative purposes.

A creative treat at the Xcaret Arte hotel. (photo by Codie Liermann)


You don’t have to be an artist to participate in all of the art activities offered by the resort. Visitors can unleash their creativity through a variety of workshops including weaving, drawing, dancing, pottery and more. Workshops bring out unique keepsakes that guests can take home.


The Xcaret Arte hotel is an ideal place for those who wish to make their taste buds travel during their holidays. The establishment offers several unique dining experiences, ranging from poolside food trucks preparing fresh elote to relaxing restaurants like Kibi-Kibi, serving classic dishes inspired by both Yucatan and Lebanon.

Tacos al pastor in Kibi Kibi
Tacos al pastor in Kibi Kibi. (photo by Codie Liermann)

Guests not only have the pleasure of discovering Mexican culture, art and food, but they can also experience it firsthand.

“Grupo Xcaret’s philosophy is to spread our love for Mexican culture,” said Malinen recently. “With this hotel, we have done this not only by showcasing culture and art, but by making guests part of the creation of art.”

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