Chad Richison Hope Lodge will provide support for cancer patients and families

The Chad Richison Hope Lodge on Northeast 7th Street and Philips Avenue is a game changer for cancer patients traveling to Oklahoma City for treatment.

“So what Hope Lodge will do is allow people who come to town to not have to decide, ‘Am I going to pay my mortgage or am I going to be able to afford a hotel while I am getting my cancer treatment??’ said Michelle Fair of the American Cancer Society.

The cost of staying in hotels for treatment can add up quickly for families.

“Standard accommodation costs can be between $3,000 and $5,000 for these cancer patients, so many people cannot afford housing and hotels. We’ve even heard of people sleeping in their cars between treatments in hospital parking lots,” Fair said.

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Hope Lodge will have 34 patient and caregiver suites. It also brings cancer families together for support.

“Hope Lodge really embodies a spirit of community, we have cancer patients connecting with each other, they are making lifelong friendships,” Fair said.

Tammy Padgett is a cancer survivor and knows firsthand what a place like this means.

“I’ve done chemo with a lot of people who didn’t have the luxury of being in close proximity,” Padgett said.

Padgett took treatments with a Sulfur patient who couldn’t afford a hotel for each treatment.

“He told me he knew the location of every bathroom between here and southern Oklahoma because he was so sick with his symptoms,” Padgett said.

Chad Richison Hope Lodge is slated to open this fall. Wednesday was the closing ceremony.

“We are raising the last ceremonial beam of the structure, sort of one of those milestones and markers and they will start doing all the internal pieces and hand over the keys so we can start helping our fellow Oklahomans,” said Fair.

Such a necessary place, built especially for Oklahomans.

“A cancer survivor says the cancer treatment center saved her body, but Hope Lodge saved her soul,” Fair said.

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