Bostan Gulistan Premier Group of Houseboats Receives 2022 Best Houseboat in Hospitality Award

Srinagar, February 26: The Hotel Critics and Bloggers Association, a promoter of the best places around the world, on Saturday awarded Bostan Gulistan Premier Group of Houseboats the Best Houseboat 2022 award for Srinagar.

An event was held at Bostan Gulistan Houseboat in Dal Lake Srinagar attended by Founding President of Hotel Reviewers and Bloggers Association Tejinder Pal Singh Grover, Deputy Director of Kashmir Department of Tourism Mr. Elyas Ahmad and other dignitaries. On the occasion, the owner of Bostan Gulistan Premier Houseboat Group, Mohammad Ashraf Guru, received a certificate for better hospitality, sanitation and customer satisfaction services in his houseboat group.

Speaking on the occasion, founding president of the Association of Hotel Reviewers and Bloggers TPS Grover, who was the main guest at the event, called the houseboats a “legacy” of Dal Lake, claiming that the main objective of our organization is to promote, highlight and present the best places and properties. worldwide.

He said the Association of Hotel Reviewers and Bloggers has 450 hotel bloggers across India to discover the best properties and then promote them for the wider benefit of the tourism industry.

He said our 450 bloggers frequently update us on the services people associated with the tourism industry provide to their customers. He also said that two months ago our team traveled to Srinagar and approached the Houseboat Syndicate and informed them that the organization was carrying out a survey to find out which houseboat is providing better services to the customers.

“Our team has visited houseboats and stayed there for days to verify their hospitality, sanitation and friendly approach,” Grover said and added, “Our organization is the first to organize such events and encourage owners of barges for their best services”.

He went on to say that we feel honored to hire our houseboat owners who work tirelessly for tourists allowing them a friendly atmosphere.

“Besides Kashmir, we can go to any place that will be good for tourism and tourists,” he added.

Grover, while appealing to tourists, said that “every tourist should come to Kashmir which is undoubtedly paradise on earth.”

He said few elements are spreading hate campaigns against Kashmir to achieve their evil designs and hinder the plans of tourists who wish to have a glimpse of Kashmir but such campaigns can only be defeated to stop lending the listen to their hate programs.

He said that when we say India is one, we must treat all its parts as one without bias or discrimination.

Calling Kashmir a symbol of “Kashmir” and “brotherhood”, he said this part of the globe is the safest place and undoubtedly paradise on earth.

Relevant Hotel Critics & Bloggers Association, the leaders of authentic hotel reviews, hotel bloggers and critics, social media influencers and hotel and resort developers worldwide. According to Grover, reviews are genuine, unbiased and therefore valued by leading hospitality professionals and especially customers.

Speaking on the occasion, Deputy Director of Kashmir Tourism Department, Mr. Elyas Ahmad expressed his gratitude to the HC&BA team members for commending the houseboat owners and their team for maintaining the hospitality, sanitation and friendly services.

He said the Kashmir Tourism Ministry was considering declaring the houseboats as “heritage”, saying the move was aimed at saving the decades-old gem for future generations.

Mohammad Ashraf Guru, owner of Bostan Gulistan Premier Group of Houseboats, expressed his thanks to the guests and hopes that the HC&BA will press all efforts available to safeguard and improve the houseboat industry.

Guru said it was an honor to receive such a prestigious award in hospitality services for the second consecutive year.

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