Bob Saget’s autopsy reports REVEAL multiple fractures in his skull and the internet is reeling

After a long wait, Bob SagetThe autopsy reports are here! The results will shock you. We guessed earlier that the comedian had a natural death, but that’s not the case here. Her fans are shocked to know her autopsy reports. Bob Saget blows for the last time in his hotel in Florida. He was in Florida for a stand-up tour. Through his Instagram Stories, it’s pretty clear the comedian was having a great time in Florida. Sadly, he passed away last month. At that time, we considered his case as a natural death scenario. But the autopsy reports changed everything. Stay tuned with us, to know all about it, right here.

Bob Saget is no longer with us, his family members and his fans mourn him deeply!

We have lost another member of the industry! Bob Saget is known for his hugely popular sitcom, “Full house“. The comedian has surely had a good career in the industry. His sudden death came as a profound shock to his fans and family members. He breathed for the last time in his hotel room. Unfortunately, the comedian left us all at the beginning of this year. He died on January 9, 2022. He was found dead in his hotel bed.

He failed to check and would not open his door. So, staff members dialed 911. They opened the room and found him dead on the bed. The room seemed quite clear. Investigation reports indicate that no signs of foul play were found in his room. Bob was enjoying his tour in Orlando. Before dying, he posted some videos and photos on his Instagram account. He looked really happy in these messages. He had scheduled a few stand-up shows in Orlando and the resort town of Ponte Vedra. Saget had succeeded in his performances in these two areas. Also, the audience was really welcoming and warm towards him.

Everything you need to know about Bob Saget’s autopsy report is here!

The executive medical team has finally released Bob Saget’s autopsy reports. Results showed he died from a head injury. According to our sources, the reports clearly indicated that Saget had an unusual abrasion on his scalp. Additionally, he had a fracture around his skull, specifically in the eye socket, which ended up causing the bleeding. He also had bruises in the brain area.

According to the doctor’s statements, it was an unnatural death. He must have hit the back of his head on something or the other, which caused the accident. His reports showed no signs of drugs or alcohol. Doctors believe he must have viewed the head trauma as causal pain and so without thinking too much about it, he fell asleep. His reports surely changed his death case in a different direction. We certainly did not expect such a report. We will surely keep you informed on this subject. That’s all for now, to get the latest celebrity updates, stay connected with us, right here.

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