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Image courtesy of Moon World Resorts Inc.

A lunar addition to Dubai’s burgeoning space-age aesthetic could soon grace the city’s skyline thanks to a new tourist destination and proposed astronaut training center by a Canadian company called Moon World Resorts. Inc.

Arab Affairs picked up details for the so-called Moon Dubai project, which is said to stand 735 feet (224 meters) tall and will take around 48 months to complete once final approval is given to designs first drawn up by the co- founding architects Sandra G. Matthews and Michael R. Henderson.

Vaguely resembling the presence of Buckminster Fuller’s famous Expo 67 pavilion or one of MSG’s (vilified) upcoming spheres, the structure is being marketed as a boost to Dubai’s hospitality and entertainment industries and will be surrounded of a “lunar colony” which should receive up to 2.5 million visitors a year. The designers said that number could easily reach around 10 million. According to their proposal, the majority will be chasing the never-before-seen thrill of “affordable space tourism.”

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The project will also include around 300 private luxury residential units and will also serve as a training ground for astronauts from the country’s new space agency, although technical details on this specific element of the project are still lacking. Expected resort amenities such as a nightclub, salon, spa, and event center would all be included. Visitors will also be transported via an integrated “moon shuttle”. As the online business publication reported, the project will seek LEED Gold certification and will cost more than US$5 billion to build.

Matthews and Henderson said they are ready to deliver up to four similar designs in Asia and MENA over the next decade. Henderson also mentioned his hope that the Dubai project will help “firmly plant the flag of the United Arab Emirates at the forefront of space exploration”, before finally declaring that its realization would be “[double] annual tourist visits to Dubai based on its global appeal [and] brand awareness.”

Video courtesy of Arabian Business on YouTube.

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