10 reasons why an all-inclusive package is a perfect solo trip

All-inclusive resorts are a great way for travelers to get out and see the world without straying too far from their comfort zone. That’s why they’re a popular option for newlyweds looking to relax, but what about those who don’t have or want a romantic partner to travel with?

Although it might seem unexpected, solo travelers are increasingly interested in all-inclusive resorts, and there’s a good reason behind it. Here are 10 reasons why an all-inclusive package is the perfect getaway for any solo traveler.

10/10 It’s easy to meet people

Traveling alone certainly does not always mean being alone, or even being alone. Staying at an all-inclusive resort, especially one like Bahia Principe Luxury Runaway Bay in Jamaica, an adults-only resort with a swim-up bar, is a great way to make friends.

What better way to meet fellow travelers than splashing around and laughing with a stranger over a rum punch? Other ways to meet people when traveling alone is to attend some of the nighttime activities that most resorts have planned.

Some have options like karaoke, salsa lessons, or even general happy hours in the lobby.

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9/10 Travelers don’t have to worry about where to go

Solo traveler near a palm tree
by Kaitlyn Rosati

Take a solo trip to an all-inclusive resort in the Caribbean. PHOTO: Kaitlyn Rosati

Navigating directions while alone in a foreign country can certainly seem daunting, but luckily most all-inclusive resorts offer transportation to and from the nearest international airport.

This leaves solo travelers with a hassle-free experience, where they can feel comfortable landing knowing their name will be on a sign in the arrivals hall.

Once at their designated station, travelers can choose to stay put or arrange how to get out and explore using car services or station tour options.

8/10 You will have cell/WiFi service

Most resorts have strong Wi-Fi, which means solo travelers will always be connected. For those who have a bout of anxiety or fear at any time during their stay, a quick call or text to a beloved friend or family member back home can usually remedy it.

Since most all-inclusive resorts will provide Wi-Fi, this is a great back-up plan when those “Am I crazy to travel solo?” nervousness gets the best of people.

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7/10 Travelers don’t have to worry about being overcharged

Nothing makes an easier target for scams than someone traveling alone, especially if they appear to be a tourist. However, by staying at an all-inclusive, travelers don’t have to worry about getting ripped off because, as the title suggests, the price is all-inclusive!

Not only do solo adventurers not have to worry about getting ripped off, but some all-inclusive packages, like Vik Arenal Blanca in Punta Cana, are so affordable the price is almost like stealing.

6/10 Luxury

Some solo travelers choose to stay in hostels, but at an all-inclusive resort, solo travelers can book luxurious rooms and experiences without breaking the bank if they choose wisely!

At resorts like the adults-only Bahia Principe Luxury Sian Ka’an, travelers can stay in Mexico’s Mayan jungle in a penthouse with a private whirlpool tub for as little as $175/person, per night .

Remember that this includes all drinks, food, coffee and services. How’s that for luxury on a budget?

5/10 There are many options for tours

For adventurers who are wary of staying at an all-inclusive resort for fear of not immersing themselves enough in local cultures, there will always be plenty of options for leaving the resort and exploring.

Not to mention that booking a tour is another great way to meet people. Visitors can often find tour packages directly at reception, but websites like Viator and GetYourGuide will also provide insight into the type of tours available.

From Caribbean snorkeling to food tours to ATV horseback riding, there are always options for great adventures off the resort.

4/10 They are generally safe

One of the biggest concerns for solo travelers (especially women) is safety. Is traveling alone really safe? It’s a subjective question. However, when visiting an all-inclusive, the general safety concerns of being somewhere new and somewhere alone either minimize or dissipate altogether.

Staying alone at an all-inclusive resort means travelers will always have access to staff members who can help them.

There are likely to always be people around and, as mentioned above, if a solo traveler finds themselves in a situation where they need to call someone in an emergency, they are likely to have a service good enough to do so.

3/10 Travelers can do… whatever they want!

One of the best benefits of traveling alone is not having to negotiate plans with other people in the group. Whether it’s taking a nap at 3:00 p.m., drinking a beer at 7:00 a.m., or wanting to eat Italian instead of Japanese, traveling alone means having to meet virtually no one and do what you wanna.

It’s the ultimate taste of freedom, and staying at an all-inclusive resort often means endless options for what solo travelers choose to do.

2/10 Language barriers are usually not a problem

A common concern when traveling abroad is whether one will be able to communicate with the locals. At all-inclusive hotels, English is generally widely spoken, but out of respect, it’s always wise to learn a few phrases in the local language.

For the most part, don’t worry too much about refreshing DuoLingo and Babble, at least physically on the station, because since the stations are geared towards travelers and tourists, a language barrier is unlikely to be too much of an obstacle.

1/10 There is no need to worry about “walking alone” at night

A big fear for solo travelers, especially women traveling alone, is going out after dark. It can be frustrating to be in a new place, waiting to be explored and feeling confined to a hotel or hostel room out of fear. Let that fear be eradicated when you’re at an all-inclusive resort.

Of course, there are risks in everything, so always use general precautions, but walking around a resort at night, even alone, is generally a safe thing to do.

Most resorts offer some type of entertainment at night, whether it’s live music, comedy shows, karaoke or game night, which means “walking alone” at night is not really a problem, because there will almost always be people around.

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